Mani of Evros is located on the north bank of the river Erythropotamos, 10 kilometers from Didymoteicho. Mani is one of the villages of Marides, a population group that is considered a descendant of the ancient Thracians with strong cultural and ethnological characteristics.

The manners and customs of Marides have genuine Thracian character. Their way of life, behavior, thinking and works have particularities and resemble more to those of the distant ancestors of the ancient Thracians, as we know them from the ancient Greek writers, historians, poets and geographers.

In 2009 was founded in Mani of Didymoteicho the Folklore Museum of Marides under the auspices and the expenditure of the Union of Cultural Associations of Marides. The hall was a courtesy of the Association of Mani, with a view to save and preserve the folk heritage of the tribe.

The exhibits in the museum of Mani are various items and relics carrying today the life of earlier times. They were provided by clubs and ordinary citizens from all the villages of Marides. Among the exhibits are farming tools, utensils, pots and tools, means of transport, various collections and traditional costumes.

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