The Manor House of Brika

It was built in Soufli in 1890 for one of the wealthiest families of Thrace, the Brika family. Its construction was serving a very specific purpose: to ensure the appropriate conditions for the sericulture and storage of dry cocoons. Skilled craftsmen were recruited from Bursa and created one of the most beautiful buildings of the whole of Thrace.

The manor has three floors, his curved balcony stands out, as does the wooden pediment. It is located on an elevated stone pedestal. Its corners are highlighted with brick ridges and triple infrared detectors. It was used as a residence for the owner and his family and, of course, as a place for sericulture and storage of silkworms and cocoons.

The Brika family donated the building to to the public domain in 1991 and today it houses the Municipal Folklore Museum of Soufli.

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