Mesti is geographically located within the limits of Evros and Rhodope. At the jurisdiction of this settlement belong 30,000 acres of land and the forest of Black Pine, with the traditional name “Tsamia”. In this region of Mesti flow three rivers: Platanorema, Megalo Rema and Kosinthos.

In antiquity, Via Egnatia passed outside Mesti. It is worth mentioning, as historical evidence, that a piece of it, of several meters, is preserved as it was in the past.

In 1930, the village of Mesti numbered 500 Christians and Muslims, who were mainly engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry and production of tobacco, like today. The Muslim residents of Mesti had been living there since long ago while the Christians settled in the village in 1922, coming from Kessani of Eastern Thrace and specifically the village Mahites or Mahmoukion.

The church “Saint George” in Mesti was built when the Christian inhabitants came and has been operating since then, although most villagers are Muslims.

In the surrounding area, are found mostly Muslim villages such as Plaka, Perama, Leptokarya, Komaros, the Avra and Atarni.

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