Military Museum of Didymoteicho

The Military Museum of Didymotecho is located in the center of the border town. The history of modern Greece unfolds through the exhibits on the three floors, focusing on the history of the Greek Army, from its establishment until today. Costumes from different times of the Greek state, weaponry, pistols and rifles, maps, flags, medals and badges, as well as rich audio-visual material are available to the visitors that, with a walk in the Military Museum of Didymoteicho, can take part using their imagination in some of the most historic moments of the homeland.

The Military Museum of Didymoteicho is housed in a building that was constructed in 1907. Its interior is made of wood that comes from Siberia and most of the timber work survives until nowadays. At first, the Military Museum of Didymoteicho functioned as a “multi-purpose” space in order to serve the activities of the locals. Thus, in its spaces there used to be a cereal warehouse, a creamery and a space of silk manufacturing and production.


Military Museum of Didymoteicho

150, Vasileos Alexandrou, Didymoteicho


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