Monastery of Dadia

The Monastery of Dadia is located among the trees of the forest of Dadia, it is a monastery for men, dedicated to the Nativity of Virgin Mary that has been functioning consistently only a few years, although it is one of the most historic monasteries in the region. Its privileged position, near to the road and the river Evros played a crucial role for the Monastery of Dadia, as it is basically on the extension of Via Egnatia that leads to Didymoteicho, Adrianoupolis and other important towns already since antiquity.

Information on the founding time of the Monastery of Dadia does not exist, as the monastery was blown up by the Turks in 1912 and the stone pillars were the only ones left standing. Nevertheless, the Monastery of Dadia is mentioned in documents of the 17th century, while two findings that date back to the Byzantine period confirm the existence of a church in that region since then; a Middle Byzantine parapet and a broken candelabra basis. From the blowing about 15 icons of the 19th century were rescued, among which the miraculous icon of Panagia (Virgin Mary) located in the Katholikon and the icon of Saint George, that is actually a tribute of a Turk chief robber.

The Monastery of Dadia was self-disbanded in 1926 due to financial difficulties, while the rehabilitation efforts during the 1960s were interrupted when in 1974 the Monastery was occupied by the Greek state that turned into a military camp! It stayed like this until 1995, while from the following year began the rehabilitation that lead to the modern monastery of nowadays.

The Monastery of Dadia celebrates on September, 8 and is subject to the Metropolis of Didymoteicho. At its premises, there are school camps that have been functioning from 1962 until today.

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