Nalbandis Municipal Art Gallery

In the city center of Didymoteicho, a two-storey building of the interwar period was renovated under the supervision of the Municipality so as to house the work of the city’s leading painter, Dimitris Nalbandis, and to become the Nalbandis Municipal Art Gallery. The building was even frescoed by the painter himself, an effort that lasted nine months.

Dimitris Nalabandis was the first Greek painter whose work was chosen by the UN in order to become a stamp in the series “The world of 2000”. It was the painting named “The memories” with which the painter from Didymoteicho participated in the most populous art exhibition ever made.

In his collection exhibited at the Nalbandis Municipal Art Gallery, the artist uses “magic realism” to connect the past with the present of the historical city of Didymoteicho.

The public, locals and visitors, have embraced the presence of the work and the content of the Nalbandis Municipal Art Gallery and since it opened, it cannot stop being one of the intellectual and cultural centers of Didymoteicho.

Patriarhi Dionisiou 3, Didymoteicho


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