Old Hospital

The Old Hospital of Alexandroupolis is the building of the 19th century that is on the 14th May- Kavyri, Papanastasiou, Irodotou and Thrakis Streets, in the city center, at the point where the streets form a square.

The date of construction of the Old Hospital has not been established. However, it is estimated that it was built during the last decade of the 19th century, probably in 1896. Initially, it served as a Turkish school for boys, as the city that was then called Dedeagatch was under the Turkish occupation. At that time, in fact, the building was outside the limits of the small Turkish town.

Two years after the liberation of Alexandroupolis in 1920, the Old Hospital housed the 5th Military Hospital of the Greek Army. From 1924 until 1974 it was used as the general hospital of the city, while the following year, in the building of the Old Hospital was housed the School of Nursing. Since 2002 the building is closed and is under renovation.

The Old Hospital of Alexandroupolis is a listed building since 1979.

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