Paliouri is 3 km from Metaxades to the east and is one of the most picturesque villages of the Northeastern Evros. Even today, there are houses that were built during the Ottoman rule. They are stone with many front and back windows, with a single entry. In front or back of the house there is a bakery, where women baked bread or various traditional foods on large celebrations and weddings.

The church of Saint Panteleimon in Paliouri belongs among the first churches built in the village. Behind the small church, there are eighteen graves of fighters slaughtered by the Turks.

In Paliouri lies the church of Saint Paraskevi. Saint Panteleimon and Saint Paraskevi are honored by the residents on July, 26 and 27 with festivities at the village square.

Paliouri, according to the tradition, got its current name from a Byzantine Empress that visited the vilage and named it so because in the region paliouria (thorny bushes) were abundant.

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