Panagia of Evros

Panagia of Evros is a nunnery and is located five kilometers away from Makri. It was founded in 1978 and it has been functioning since 1983. The Church of the Assumption of Theotokos is located in the center of the monastery and is surrounded by the auxiliary spaces. A wall encloses the buildings of Panagia of Evros and separates the monastery from the olive groves that surround it and that are cultivated by the nuns. The chapels of Saint Charalambos, Saint Vlasios, Saints Konstantinos and Eleni and Saint Euphemia are on the limits of the monastery of Panagia of Evros, while the chapels of Saint Anthimos and Saint Andreas are incorporated in it.

The nuns, 45 in number today, occupy with Byzantine icon, vestment sewing, incense manufacturing and waxwork. Panagia of Evros, as the monastery is called, is affiliated with other Balkan monasteries and often hosts foreign nuns that learn Greek. Here is hosted a big number of discovered relics of hierarchs, saints and martyrs of the Christian Church. Panagia of Evros celebrates on August 23, on the day of Homily for the Assumption of Theotokos.

Holy Monastery Panagia of Evros

Makri Alexandroupolis

2551071263, fax: 2551071350

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