Patagi is a village near Orestiada, 10 kilometers southwest of the town. It is located at an altitude of about 130 meters, on a hillside, which in its southern part ends up at an oak forest with rich flora and fauna. It is inhabited by approximately 300 people, who are mostly engaged in agriculture.

Patagi, formerly called Pazarli, belongs to the villages of Marides, an indigenous Thracian tribe, which have been continuously living in the region and have been maintaining very strongly the traditional and cultural morals.

The post-Byzantine church of Saint Nicholas in Patagi is the oldest religious monument in the area and one of the most important historic buildings of the northern Evros. Tombstones from the late 17th century until the first half of the 19th have been used as floor panels inside the church.

The church of Patagi has two aisles and is wooden carved, with a prominent arch and cast. The interior of the church was entirely whitewashed, and it was probably not frescoed with representations. The church is simple, wooden, painted at some points in colors blue and off-white. The set of icons of Saint Nicholas of Patagi is dated between 1852 and 1888.

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