Polia is a small village located west of the northern Evros. The houses are built just outside the head village of the region, Metaxades, to the north.

The settlement of Polia took its name in 1922 when it was inhabited by refugees from Eastern Thrace and especially the village Tsongara of the area of Sarada Ekklisies.

According to the legend, the old village was founded in the decade of 1760 by a Turk who fled there after having escaped from the slaughter of the inhabitants of the Turkish village Gkiounioukli, which the Sultan burnt because its residents were violent against the surrounding Greek villages.

In Polia currently live about 150 people and the village belongs to the municipal district of Alepochorio, together with the homonymous neighboring village. Both are subject to the municipality of Didymoteicho and are located at a short distance from the historic city and its attractions, as well as very close to the Greek-Bulgarian borders.

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