Port of Makri

The port of Makri is located next to the homonymous coastal town of Evros. As Makri is the summer resort of the region, its port receives many vessels during the summer months, when it gets inundated with hundreds of small and large vessels of all types. It is the only purely fishing shelter of the broader area of Evros and the port of Makri constantly hosts about ten merchant vessels.

The small port of Makri does not have a customs office and so arrivals from abroad are not possible. There are, though, water and electricity supplies, as well as fuel supplies on demand. Its minimum depth is 2 meters and is protected by two piers; the upwind one is located in the south of the port of Makri and has a total length of 280 meters and the downwind one is in the east and was just built in 2000.

The acreage of the port of Makri is about eight acres in total and there are situated the two small storage spaces for the fishermen’s associations of the area.

The port of Makri was first built at this point in 1964 and its present form was given in 2000, with the latest projects.


Marine Outpost of Makri

Tel – Fax:    25510-71622

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