Post Office

Built in the early 20th century at the intersection of Megalou Alexandrou and Nikiforou Foka Streets, in the area of the old “administrative center” of Alexandroupolis, is located the building of the Post Office, which in September 2012 was declared a listed building according to the decision of the then Minister of Macedonia-Thrace, Theodoros Karaoglou.

Typical characteristics of the building of the Post Office are the coated masonry construction, the raised ground floor, the stairs that lead to the central entrance, the tiled roof with the perimeter paparet, symmetrically placed on the front, in recess, and the large yard.

The original building of the Post Office was made of stone and had a wooden roof. The building was expanded in 1950 when the iron railings were placed. Particular morphological element of the Post Office constitute the rectangular cornerstones that are put on the edges of the building and which have a decorative insert with a spherical tip on their upper side.

The historical value of the Post Office is even bigger than the architectural one. Initially, it was used by the Turks and later, until the liberation, it was used by the Allies as headquarters. On May 13, 1920, outside the Post Office, took place the lowering of the French flag and the hoisting of the Greek one in the view of the arrival – the following day – of the Greek forces. It was then, that the first telegraphs for the liberation of Alexandroupolis and the integration of Thrace in Greece were sent.

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