The route from Didymoteicho east to Pythio is the most representative sample of the greatness of nature in Evros. The path along the banks of the Evros River and so close to opposite Turkey ends up at Pythio, the easternmost land border of the country.

Pythio is known for its castle, a bit further north from the current settlement. In the Castle of Pythio that was built in the early 14th century, are preserved in good condition two four-story towers and constitute an excellent example of military architecture of the last Byzantine times.

Pythio under the Turkish rule was called Kuleli Burgas, a combination of two words of Turkish origin meaning tower-castle and had been developed on a branch of the road from Adrianoupolis to Didymoteicho. During the times of revolution the village became known as there was buried the patriarch Cyril VI, who was hanged in Adrianoupolis in 1821. His tomb still exists today in a courtyard house in Pythio.

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