Saint Kyriaki of Alexandroupolis

Saint Kyriaki of Alexandroupolis is one of the most important Orthodox churches of the capital of Evros. It hosts a part of the Saint’s holy relic and it attracts many believers from across the region.

In the Church of Saint Kyriaki of Alexandroupolis, it is also kept the miraculous icon of the Saint from Aenus, the town of Eastern Thrace that constitutes the homeland of most refugees, old residents of Alexandroupolis.

The church celebrates on July 7, when the memory of Saint Kyriaki is honored according to the calendar of the Orthodox Church. On the eve of that day, at the Church of Saint Kyriaki of Alexandroupolis,  it is celebrated the Liturgy of Vespers and after that takes place the procession of the miraculous icon from Aenus in the surrounding streets of the city, in which crowds of believers and visitors participate.

Saint Kyriaki of Alexandroupolis also celebrates on the day of the Presentation of Our Lord on February 2, as well as on the memorial day of Saint Luke, Archbishop of Simferopol of Crimea, on June 11.

The Church of Saint Kyriaki of Alexandroupolis is located in the Anatolikis Thrakis Street, in the center of the town and it was inaugurated in 1969.

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