Sidirochori is 53 kilometers from Soufli and 8 kilometers from Mega Dereio.

Its residents are all Pomaks, who emigrated from Kechro and built the village in early 1950, immediately after the civil war. Sidirochori is divided into many neighborhoods that are within a few kilometers from each other, as the villagers that are engaged in farming use the intermediate space for their animals.

Many old houses in Sidirochori have been preserved until today. They are built with stone, by traditional craftsmen, while the raw material was supplied from the surrounding area.

In Sidirochori reside approximately 350 people and in the village operates a minority primary school.

The Pomak villages of Evros are all in the area around Sidirochori and from the village you can easily visit Roussa, with the worldwide unique religious, Muslim tekke, where every year on the celebration of Saint George Christians and Muslims celebrate together.

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