Silk Museum of Soufli

If you want to see how was done the whole process of silk processing in Soufli in 19th and early 20th century, you should visit the Silk Museum of Soufli that has been functioning in the town in 1990.

The Silk Museum of Soufli is housed in a mansion of 1883, the Kourtidis Mansion; Kourtidis was a significant doctor, literary and politician of that time. It was constructed to house the activities of the family in silk industry, as on the ground floor was for sericulture, that is silkworm rearing, while the floor was used as residence.

All stages of silk manufacturing are presented in the halls of the Museum of Silk in Soufli. From sericulture to the final manufacturing of the fabric, the sericulturist’s utensils, the artisan’s tools, who manufactures the fabrics, and the looms that existed in every house.

The exhibits in the Museum of Silk in Soufli are classified into four thematic sections:

  • In the first one, visitors learn the history of silk, from the distant China to the Byzantium and the Ottoman period.
  • In the second one, are presented the stages of sericulture, from the production of silkworm eggs to the cocoon baking.
  • In the third one, is presented the silk manufacturing, from the sorting of cocoons to the weaving, and
  • in the fourth one, it is analyzed the social and economic framework within which the art of silk was developed in the region and how it finally declined and was eventually abandoned.

The Museum of Silk in Soufli belongs to the Museums Network of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation.

Silk Museum of Soufli

73, Eleftheriou Venizelou, 68400, Soufli


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