Sofiko is located 12 kilometers northeast of Didymoteicho and is 5 kilometers from the banks of the Evros River.

Sofiko is a new village created in 1923, with the settlement of refugees from Eastern Thrace. Until 1961, the settlement had been consisted of two settlements, Neo Lili and Neo Costi. In the census of 1961, they were characterized for the first time as a single settlement by the name Sofiko.

The 1920s and 1930s for modern Sofiko were years of hard work. Matting manufacturing – which were used as rugs- from saz, the grass that looks like reed, was the main source of income.

A characteristic of the residents of Sofiko is the ending of names in – akis, Cretan suffix. The officer responsible for the recording of these refugees, Stylianos Volanis, a Cretan descent, when could not translate the surname from Turkish in Greek, he added to it the suffix – akis creating a new surname and a suffix uniformity in Sofiko that is not often found.

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