Between Petrades and Pythio, just on the turn of Evros and the unique railway bridge connecting Greece and the European Union with Turkey, is the village Stathmos of Pythio. Although it is inhabited by only 12 people, this settlement presents a unique architecture, due to the railway station created there at the time of the French Administration, around 1920.

From the typical French main station building with the wooden lining, to the colonial square buildings with the wooden balconies and from the monument of the French fallen soldiers during the World War I to the settlement of the borders with the wooden fences, all in this small village, recreate the history of Stathmos.

The same train station and the complex of buildings around it points to a time of glamour and prosperity of the railroad. When the Orient Express was reaching Stathmos, its high-ranking passengers were able to freshen up and rest in the building for VIPs, images of an era gone for good…

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