Sykorrachi is the village exactly on the limits of the prefectures of Rhodope and Evros in Thrace and is equidistant (32 kilometers) from the capitals of the two prefectures, Komotini and Alexandroupolis. It is a lush farming village, with picturesque streets and squares, with beautiful scenery. The cozy taverns of Sykorrachi is famous for the local meat and the good prices.

The first name of the village had been Tsobankoy until 1920, when it was renamed to Sykaragi. In 1953, it took its present name. Sykorrachi was inhabited in 1922 by families of Sarakatsani, Pontiacs and Thracians. The main occupation of the 180 families living there was livestock that was favored by the existence of rich pastures and gave another dynamic to the beautiful settlement. The reputation of the dairy products and good quality meat of Sykorrachi was the feature of the village.

In the 1960s, the population of Sykorrachi, like many other villages in the prefecture of Evros, declined due to immigration, while currently live permanently in the village about 200 inhabitants.

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