Valtos is a village of Evros, located in the center of the northern part of the prefecture and is 17 kilometers from Orestiada, to the west. Valtos community was created in 1923 by refugees from Eastern Thrace who came from Messochori, Kouleli and Krassochori. The village’s population, according to the 2011 census, is 400 persons.

In Valtos, major sports and cultural associations are active: the Educational and Cultural Association of Valtos, the Women’s Association, the Association of blood donors, the Athletic Football association, while at the same time operates the Immigrants’ Association of Valtos in Esslingen, Germany. The village church honors Saints Constantine and Helen.

Starting from Valtos and at a short distance from the village, turning right to Chandra and Megali Doxipara, you can head to the excavation site of the burial mound of Doxipara, where have been revealed buried horses and carriages that were buried with the dead in the 2nd century AD .

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