The village of Vrysika is located about 15 kilometers west of Didymoteicho, built between two rivers: Erythropotamos and Kazantzi. The village was founded in the early 16th century, near an ancient quarry by native Thracians and Peloponnesians persecuted by Turks. During the Ottoman rule Vrysika was called “Kara – Bunar “, which means “Black Well”, because of a well that existed about 200 meters north of the settlement and that was so deep that they called it black.

Vrysika is one of 13 villages of Marides in Evros, whose inhabitants originate from the ancient Thracians. Marides maintain intensely religious and cultural manners and customs. Until recently, in the 60s, these villages were “closed” with strong social cohesion and self-sufficiency. In fact, their residents “did not marry foreigners, so as not to damage the race”.

In the area of Vrysika have been found coins from the Hellenistic, Macedonian, Roman and Byzantine periods, fact that proves a sustained and intense human activity in the area.

In Vrysika operates since 1997 a Folklore Museum, with one of the richest folklore collections with about 800 exhibits, rich photo archive, even shells of significant archaeological value.

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