Dexa is one of the closest beaches to Vathi, the capital of Ithaca. You can reach it on foot, if you are not discouraged by the small hill at the exit of the picturesque town. If, however, you prefer your car for the route, it will not take more than five minutes, while you will be able to easily park it on the roadside.

It is a closed bay with calm, shallow waters, that make Dexa an ideal beach for young children. Opposite to the beach is Skartsoumponisi, one of the small islets of Ithaca. Dexa is a rocky beach and it would be wise if you would bring along your special shoes for the sea. In the middle of the beach there is a little sand and a small pier, where children go crazy with diving!

Dexa got its name because they are to the “right” – dexia to the port of Vathi. The beach offers access for the disabled.

In Dexa there is a canteen that serves coffee, soft drinks and snacks.

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