Skartsoumponisi is the small island visible to the visitors of Ithaca in the bay of Dexa, to the east of the port at Vathi, in southern Ithaca. It is small and uninhabited and covered with stones and bushes.

Dexa is one of the most popular “family-friendly” beaches in Ithaca. It is located very close to Vathi, the water is very shallow and the olive trees that reach all the way to the shore, offer their natural shade. Skartsoumponisi is very close to the coast, and, especially in the past, many bathers chose to swim to it.

The strange, unpronounceable name Skartsoumponisi is said to come from Skartsimadia, which are the small conical shells that cover in abundance the beaches of Ithaca, and not only. The mollusc inside the shells is still used as bait for fishing, making Sartsoumponisi a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts.

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