Kaminia is a pebbled beach to the southeast of Ithaca. At the foot of a green slope, a wide pebbled beach which ends with fine pebbles on the sea shore – an impressive landscape. This, in combination with the emerald waters of the small bay, impress the visitors from the first moment they see it from the road.

Leaving from Vathi  to Marathias (from the area Vounaki), the paved road leads to the bypass for Kaminia – you will see an information sign. The road turns into a dirt road from here on and its biggest part can be crossed carefully even in a conventional car. The distance to the beach Kaminia is not more than ten minutes – unless of course you stop to take pictures of the amazing view the first time you see the beach from above!

Kaminia is ideal for relaxation and spending a day on the beach, under the hot summer sun. The beach has no shade or any kind of organization, so you should come prepared. On one side of Kaminia, after climbing on the rocks, you will see two places that have been modified with cement, just to facilitate diving in the crystal clear waters. It is the famous “Mitoula” of Kaminia and totally worth the try!

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