Kourvoulia are three small pebbled beaches, formed in an equal number of bays on the coastal road from Frikes to Kioni of northern Ithaca. They have crystal clear waters, they are always cold and because of their easy access, they are usually crowded. All three Kourvoulia beaches are green with dense vegetation and trees reaching the coast.

Prota Kourvoulia: It is the smallest of the three beaches and the best hidden from the road. Immediately after the first turn after Frikes you can descend by the built stairs to the white pebbled beach.

Deftera Kourvoulia: It is considered the most popular beach of the three and gathers the majority of young people in northern Ithaca. You will surely see families here with young children living in neighboring tourist accommodation, and if you come after noon, there are a few trees that offer shade. Built stairs also lead the way down here.

Trita Kourvoulia: It is the largest of the three Kourvoulia in width and in length. It has the best view from the road, so it is hard to miss it. You can park in the small opening on the edge of the road and enjoy your stay at the beach. Because of its location, in the afternoon there is plenty of shade.

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