It is the first beach you come across on your way from Vathi to Bay of Skinos, approximately ten minutes by car. Mnimata beach lies behind the tall eucalyptus and pines. Its name comes from the abbreviation of the word “Minimata”, as according to the tradition, in the past the location was used to send and receive minimata (messages) – Mnimata is the closest beach to Vathi that faces the sea.

Mnimata is a pebbled beach with smaller stones in its center. The dense vegetation that surrounds the beach provides shade til noon. Then the sun passes its zenith and Mnimata is filled with sunlight till sunset. The waters are calm and green, as they reflect the wooded hillside.

The beach is completely unorganized and you should have with you all the necessary things to enjoy your stay here. The waters in Mnimata are not deep and that is why it is mainly preferred by families with young children. You will also come across locals who come here to enjoy swimming and the sea in Mnimata.

Mnimata can be reached by a paved road, while at a short distance, following a dirt road, is the beach of Skinos.

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