Piso Aetos

Piso Aetos is the beach right next to the homonymous port  in Ithaca. It is pebbled, with white pebbles and crystal clear waters. It is located diametrically opposite to the beach of Mprosta Aetos on the southwest side of Ithaca. Mprosta and Piso Aetos in Ithaca compose the central, narrow part of the island that looks like a bird with open wings.

The olive trees that come down to the sea will offer you shade, especially in the morning, and later, as the sun sets, you will find shade under the rocks on the edge of the beach. There, on the small rocks in the shallow waters of Piso Aetos, you will find crabs, barnacles, and small fishes that can be seen with a naked eye! The water at the beach of Piso Aetos is ideal for those who enjoy swimming. In the mornings it is green, since it reflects the nature around, and as the sun sets, the waters turn dark blue.

You can get to Piso Aetos following the paved road in the direction of the port. Shortly before you reach the end, take a short path, walk five minutes, and you will find yourself in the middle of the beach.

On the top of the mountain, on one side of Piso Aetos, is the ancient acropolis of Alalkomenes that you can visit following the steep path that starts from the road, just before the descend to the port.

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