Mprosta Aetos

Mprosta Aetos is one of the nearest beaches, to Vathi of Ithaca (less than ten minutes by car), situated right below the road linking the northern with the southern part of the island.

It is a pebbled, narrow, but lengthy beach, with two fig trees that offer their shade at both ends of the beach. Because the beach is facing east, if you come here in the afternoon, you will not have any problem with shade.

The water in Mprosta Aetos is blue. The seabed in some places has seaweeds, giving it a dark color that contrasts with the blue, forming impressive images. The sea is perfect for endless swimming, while, as the water is not very deep nor deepens suddenly, Mprosta Aetos is suitable for small children.

The locals usually prefer to come to Mprosta Aetos, since it is close, as well as beautiful. Locals who want peace and quiet, prefer Mprosta Aetos to the crowded beaches in Loutsa and Dexa, even though their are closer.

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