Saint Andrews

The picturesque chapel that welcomes the visitors at the entrance of the harbor of Ithaca, is dedicated to Saint Andrews and stands right next to the sea. It is a small, simple and warm chapel with a blue door and some tiny windows, that is always whitewashed and clean, constituting the trademark of the port.

The easiest way to reach Saint Andrews is by boat, which will leave you at the small pier, right in front of the chapel. Alternatively, you can follow the path from the beach Loutsas, at the edge of the paved road of the port. It will take you about half an hour to 40 minutes to cross this path, since you will have to pass over the rocky coast and through the yews-covered hill.

The small boats that make the route from Vathi to Gidaki, pass very close to the chapel of Saint Andrews, giving you the chance to admire it … and to take beautiful photographs! On the hill behind Saint Andrews lie the ruins of an old lighthouse, and next to it stands the contemporary one.

Every year on the day of celebration, which is on November 30, Christians come here by boat from the port and the chapel is filled with people.

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