Many consider Gidaki the best beach of Ithaca, while it is often ranked among the best beaches in Greece! The turquoise blue waters and the natural landscape with the natural, lush vegetation impress every visitor. Gidaki is a pebbled beach with larger pebbles on the western side and smaller on the sand to the east. The bay is open, ideal for swimming from one side to the other. Opposite you can see one of the small islands of Ithaca, Atokos.

Boats for Gidaki, located on the south side of the island, leave from the small port of Ithaca, from the central square, as there is no access by road to the beach. The route is superb, as it traverses a very big part of the coastline of Ithaca, passes from the picturesque chapel of Agiantrea, the Bay of Schinos and many small, pebbled beaches before reaching Gidaki.

You can also reach Gidaki by hiking for about half an hour along a path. You can take the car till the bay of Schinos. From there, at the end of the beach, among the pines begins the path that leads behind the slope, to its other side. The view of Gidaki beach from the top of the path will be unforgettable!

In Gidaki there is also a canteen serving coffee and delicious snacks, and there is a small number of sun beds and umbrellas that you can rent.

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