Next to Filiatro, the most famous and crowded beach of Ithaca, is the Bay of Sarakiniko. It has two pebbled beaches, with the first one in the row used by local fishermen as anchorage for their boats.

Crossing the first beach of Sarakiniko and following the short footpath, the visitor reaches the second, longest beach: white pebbles, olive trees and shrubs coming down to the sea. The clear waters turn green, with the emerald hue mirroring the nature around it.

You will not find natural shade on Sarakiniko beach, as well as any kind of services, so you should come prepared. Formerly Sarakiniko was the “official” beach for nudists in Ithaca, but in recent years it attracts all kinds of people – even families with young children.

Sarakiniko is accessible by car from Vathi, the island’s capital. The ride takes about ten minutes, but the road needs attention, as it is the same one that leads to the crowded Filiatro.

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