Kefalonia – Restaurants

It is more than certain that during your stay in Kefalonia, you will enjoy eating in its restaurants and taverns! It will not be difficult to find something that you like, as the island is highly developed in terms of touristic services. You will find restaurants and taverns of all kinds everywhere on the island, from the most remote corner, even in the most mountainous village in the hinterland to the most “popular” places on the island, such as Fiskardo or the beach of Sami. Your options are endless!

The restaurants and taverns on Kefalonia have excellent quality products. Usually they are locally produced, such as the famous feta from Kefalonia and meat – the meat pie is also a delicacy to be savored at any restaurant or tavern that you decide to enjoy your meal. In Argostoli and Lixouri, numerous restaurants and taverns can be found on the central squares and the beach of both towns.

Tsigarida, greens sautéed, moropoula, i.e. zucchini, bakaliaropita and aliada, i.e. garlic paste, are some of the local dishes that compose the local cuisine and you will find them in most restaurants and taverns. You should not leave Kefalonia, without having tasted the local wine, robola, white and with the ideal level of acidity, it is considered among the best Greek wines and is produced on the plateau of Omalos, in the center of the island.

The history of Kefalonia, which has strong Western influences, from the Venetian to the British rule, is reflected in its gastronomy. Thus, on the island, at the restaurant menus, you will find various specialties with prominent western-elements.

  • Chinese Dragon Restaurant

    Chinese Dragon Restaurant on Vallianos Square in Argostoli, Kefalonia, will transfer you to the delights of the Far East cuisine!

  • Saint Friday beach restaurant

    Saint Friday beach restaurant at Agia Evfimia, Kefalonia, is surrounded by a green area of ten acres, transforming it into an oasis of relaxation.

  • Kalafatis Restaurant by Eruing

    Kalafatis Restaurant by Eruing in Argostoli is the first restaurant of Kefalonia. You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes next to the sea.

  • Dolphins Restaurant

  • Pizza Al Forno

  • Captain’s Table

  • Koutouki

  • Il Palazzino

  • Paspalis Restaurant

  • Ampelaki Restaurant

  • Ampelaki Restaurant

  • Premier

  • Old times

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