Agia Irene

Agia Irene, the village located in southwestern Kefalonia, also known by the name Arakli. Two explanations can be found on this ancient name: the first relates Agia Irene with the mythical hero Hercules, who once arrived in Kefalonia, and the name was slightly altered to this day – his statue can be seen by visitors to the village’s square. The second explanation says that it is a paraphrase of the word “Heraklio” as Agia Irene was founded by the Cretans of Heraklion, who had migrated here.

The village formerly belonged to the province Kranaias, but now belongs to the city section of Elios-Pronoi. According to the 2011 census, it has 314 residents.

The nature around Agia Irene is impressive for visitors: the green valley of Pronni, rivers filled by rushing mountain of Kefalonia, Enos located nearby, planes, and three sources with limpid and cool water, are images that are not common on the islands. In the village there is still a lake water tank with ducks!

Agia Irene is located near some of the most popular destinations in Kefalonia, such as Skala with the beach of kilometers, Poros with its harbor, and the village Tzanata, in inland. In summer, the village fills with people, old Arakliotes who return in their place of origin and many visitors of Kefalonia, who come here to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The festival of the village takes place on 10th of August, the day that celebrates the Saint Irene Xrysovalantou. That night, traditional music fills the air, while the dances finish the next morning!


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