Built on the green slope of a mountain of Kefalonia is Agkonas, one of the mountainous villages of the island. It belongs to the municipal unit of Argostoli, but is on its edge, to the limits with Palliki and is 19 kilometers from the town of Argostoli. Probably, this strange name – which officially is the “Agkon” – arises from the position of the village on the map: in fact, the point that joins the peninsula Palliki to the rest of Kefalonia resembles to a human bent elbow!

The centenarian pines, towering trees that you will see inside Agkonas, give a different look to the landscape, with their svelte trunks and their green foliage. The houses are beautiful, roof tile, whitewashed courtyards filled with potted flowers of all colors!

Stop at the edge of Agkonas to admire the magnificent view of the sea, 224 meters from the altitude that the village is built. Agkonas has 159 residents, according to the 2011 census.

Near to Agkonas, you will see the village Zola also belonging to Argostoli


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