Arginia is one of the most mountainous villages of Kefalonia and it is built at an altitude of 525 meters, on the slopes of Mount Enos, very close to the limits of the National Park of the imposing mountain of the island. It has just 39 residents according to the 2011 census, located in the southeastern part of Kefalonia, the boundaries of the former City of Elios – Pronnon, near Poros.

Arginia is known for three different purposes:

• The wild horses of Enos, a herd of horses that live in semi-wild state on the edge of the mountain, are often seen here. This strange herd came of horses left by the villagers of the region, as they could not to nurture them.

• The resistance activity shown by the people of Arginia during the German occupation, the period from 1941 to 1944. Generally, the island has a rich history in this period, initially against the Italians who ran the island and then against Nazi Germany. Arginia was one of the centers of the guerillas, organized by here their action.

• Arginia is famous for religious reasons though. Here every August strip the “snakes of Virgin Mary”, small harmless snakes, that in their head carry a small cross and wander into the village’s church, Notre in Agrinia, between the people. They go round from 6th of August to 15th of August, when they disappear again. The same phenomenon occurs in Markopoulo, a nearby village, where is the famous Virgin Fidousa.

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