Markopoulo in Kefalonia is located in the southeastern part of the island and it is a village with about 90 residents. It is located under the southeastern slope of Enos, very close to one of the most famous beaches in Kefalonia, the Beach of Kateleios. The village Kateleios, which with Markopoulo formerly was constituted a single community, has an excellent tourist infrastructure.

Markopoulo is one of the most famous villages of the island, and here is the Virgin Fidoussa, one of the most important churches of Kefalonia. Every year, from 6th of August strip “snakes of Virgin Mary”, small and harmless snakes moving between the church and people, as the Assumption that celebrates the monastery. Crowds of devotees flock to Markopoulo to see by close this unique phenomenon and worship the icon, which is believed to be miraculous.

Approximately one kilometer east of Markopoulo, you will find the village of Chionata, and about six kilometers to the west is Skala, one of the most touristic places of Kefalonia, with a sandy beach of kilometers.

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