Cave Aggalaki

The cave Aggalaki is located near Poulata , in the province of Sami , on the way to the interior of the island of Kefalonia.

It belongs to a fairly large cave system – estimated at seventeen – that are very close together and most of them shape inside the underground lakes, with freshwater or brackish water. Some had even been shown to bind to each other through narrow underground passages. This cave Aggalaki is the largest and most accessible of these, and you can visit it by walking one of the most famous trails in the area, from the Monastery of Themata, in the Mountain St.Dinati, in Pylaros, to Karavomilos .

As in the cave Melissanis , so in the cave Aggalaki is observed precipitation of the roof, so that is created a physical entrance, but is inaccessible by the visitors. Nevertheless, it allows natural sunlight penetrating into the depths of a cave Aggalaki and creates exceptional colors. The small lake formed in the background gets a blue color, excellent rare for waters in caves.

In Cave Aggalaki, you can go on your walk to area’s attractions, among which is the deserted village of Old Vlachata .

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