Picturesque village 385 inhabitants, by the sea, Karavomilos is located just one kilometer away from Sami.

The traditional water mill on the edge of the beach Karavomilos, is among the most characteristic images of the area. Just back from an artificial “lake” surrounded by lush, green vegetation, complete the unique landscape. It is certain that in the calm waters, you will find ducks and swans, which very willingly will sting what you offer to them!

According to scientists, Karavomilos is part of strange geological phenomena observed in Kefalonia: researchers have found that here end up the waters of Katavothres of Argostoli, on the western side of the island, after traversing underground Kefalonia and mixed with fresh water of subsoil.

Very near to Karavomilos, is the gorgeous lagoon cave Melissani, where boatmen will help you navigate in its secrets. Just outside of Karavomilos, lies the ruined after the earthquakes of August 1953, the village of Old Vlachata. In recent years, it houses one of the most important contemporary music festivals, the “saristra festival”, held in the square of the village, the saristra.

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