From 180 meters altitude that their village is built, the 85 residents of Chaliotata in Kefalonia gaze an endless view to Ithaca. Chaliotata is located in the province of Sami and is built like an amphitheater, over the plain of the area with olive trees. It is close to Poulata and Grizata, also villages that belong in the same province.

In Chaliotata is the Cave Drogkarati, you should definitely visit it. This is one of the most spectacular caves in the Greek area, with a large central hall, which has great acoustics. For this reason, in Drogkarati take place even music concerts – in one of which, she has sung Maria Farandouri from Kefalonia.

In celebration of St. George, takes place in Chaliotata a big festival in dedicatory church family Spathis, dating from the 15th century. It is built into cypresses and receives worshipers and visitors from all over Kefalonia, the day after Easter, which usually is realized the celebration.


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