Dilinata is one of the largest villages of Kefalonia, with a population of 436 residents. It is located just outside of Argostoli, 6 km northeast. Dilinata is built on the mountainside Evmorfia (highest peak 1,043 meters), at an altitude of 400 meters.

We meet Dilinata immediately after the village Faraklata and very close to Davgata. From the village, you will see beautiful, endless view of Argostoli and the Ionian Sea.

During your visit to Dilinata, do not forget to stop by the church of Our Lady Lamia, the protector of the village, the Venetian “bridge Marino”, but also the house of the ruler of the island Anninos.

The Adilini family from Kefalonia gave its name to the village, over time and for ease of colloquial, lost its original –a, and became Dilinata. The roots of the family hold of the 13th century. Just outside Dilinata and going to the beach of Myrtos, the most famous of Kefalonia, you will pass the Bridge of Falari, one of the points of the massacre of Italian Division Aqui, by the Germans, shortly before the end of Second World War.

For Dilinata, where take place some of the biggest festivals with traditional dances of Kefalonia, the folk music tradition says ‘The bigger village than you went and saw, the land rocky and hard producing bullies. Village very diligent and valiant place, the world of Halloween is dressed “skoumpoeros”!

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