Dorizata is a village in southern Kefalonia and belongs to the province of Livatho, which by 2010 was one of the municipalities of the island. It is bin nature, with rich vegetation that beautifies the landscape. Small houses, roof tile, beautiful gardens welcome the visitors, who find Dorizata between Kountourata and Pessada, the small port that connects Kefalonia to Zakynthos.

Like most villages of Kefalonia ending in “is – ata”, Dorizata took their name from a majority of residents with the surname “Dorizas”. From here, came one of the archbishops of Kefalonia in the 19th century, Gerasimos Dorizas. He is considered by the most enlightened prelates of the island, who was next to people and their concerns.

In homes, in Dorizata, you will still see traditional wood-fired ovens, where accustomed to bake the bread of the family. If you go through the village and you smell it, do not hesitate to approach! It is likely that of Dorizata, you will not leave hungry. The hospitable people, will prepare a riganada to craving, with fresh bread, they call it zestofourni, oregano of Enos, the great mountain of Kefalonia and of course , local olive oil!


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