Kountourata is a small village, about 60 permanent residents, located in the municipal unit of Leivatho in the municipality of Kefalonia, in the south of the island. The settlement is lowland, built at an altitude of 90 meters and near the sea. The “kountoureikos seashor” as you listen to the locals is the beach Kountourata with golden sand and blue waters.

Kountourata is built between Spartia and Pessada, a small port that connects the southern Kefalonia with the north coast of the Zakynthos. It lies 15 kilometers from the capital of Kefalonia, Argostoli.

The church of Kountourata is Saint Nicholas, who is the patron saint of the village. The church was damaged seriously by the earthquakes that leveled the island in 1953, but rebuilt in the care of the local area. The temple is ornate, with painting of 1888. According to the marble inscription on the forecourt, Saint Nicholas of Kountourata has been destroyed by fire earlier, so the building of 1888 was the second and the current, the third. In the cemetery of the church, one can admire tombstones and funerary monuments of special artistic value.


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