Drapano in Argostoli is the village located on the one edge of a stone bridge Devossetos joining Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia with the opposite shore of the Lagoon of Koutavos. The bridge is also known by the name Bridge of Drapano, just the name of the village.

The village belongs to the largest community of Faraklata, and according to the last census counts 135 inhabitants. In Drapano is also situated the patron saint of Argostoli, the Virgin Drapaniotissa, with the characteristic indigo, light blue color. On the day of the festival, held on 24th of September, is a litany of the miraculous image in Bridge Drapano, a circumstance that should not be missed if you visit the island then.

In Drapano, you will even see two “strange” attractions. These two cemeteries in the area, the Municipal Cemetery Drapano and the British Cemetery, located near. The funerary monuments in both are adorned with sculptures of exceptional artists, Kefalonians and not only, as George Bonanos and Filipotas, whose “Sleeping Beauty” is of exceptional beauty.

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