The village Xenopoulo is located in southeastern Kefalonia, within the limits of the former municipality Elios – Proni, in the current municipal section of Poros. It is built at an altitude of about 300 meters at the foot of Enos and is considered one of the mountainous villages of Kefalonia, mainly because it is surrounded by greenery and not because of its altitude.

Green slopes and hills make up the landscape that will see in Xenopoulo, where reside about 90 residents. It is a small village with beautiful houses and tidy gardens. The devastating earthquakes in August of 1953 that hit the central Ionian Sea beat also Xenopoulo, but the residents rebuilt it from the beginning.

Xenopoulo is located near Kapandriti, known for the festival of the Assumption and Andriolata, small mountainous village of 30 residents, where is the church of St. John the Theologian. The three villages Xenopoulo, Kapandriti and Andriolata composed the former district of Xenopoulo.

Xenopoulo is five kilometers to the west of Poros, 3 km from Agia Irene and 21 km from Argostoli.

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