Klimatsias is the small beach near the village Spartia, of the former municipality of Livathos. It is located in the southern part of Kefalonia and is sandy, with several rocks but even in the sea. One of these underwater rocks is called by locals “stoichero”, since its surface filled of holes refers to “living” body!

The waters in Klimatsias are blue and the smooth, impressive rocks to the right of the beach demarcate the bay. The terrain is vertical and to get the visitor to the beach, must leave the car on the road, in a specially designed area, and descend the small dip as below.

In the space above Klimatsias, there is a grove of pine trees, where you will find a very good restaurant and cafeteria. Otherwise, the beach is unorganized, without sunshades and sun beds, so you should take care of yourself for what you will need. If you choose to come to Klimatsias in afternoon, in the beach falls shadow from the rocks and it is not necessary the umbrella.

Along the beach and next in Klimatsias, you will find walking the bay of Vronteri, featuring anchorage for boats and high cliffs, ideal for risky dives!

Klimatsias at a glance:

• Sandy with rocks around

• Small in area

• Access by car

• Tavern near

• Unorganized



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