The village Kokolata is located just outside of Argostoli and has 176 residents, according to the 2011 census, most of who work in the capital of Kefalonia. Kokolata is the place that choose, who want to live in the village, with the peace and quiet of nature, but their job forces them to be close to the big city. The view over the bay of Argostoli and the picturesque little town is immense.

Kokolata is close to Kompothrekata of the same region, to the side of Argostoli bordering with Livatho. Nearby is the St. George’s Castle, the medieval capital of Kefalonia, on the walls and many of the buildings of the period kept until nowadays.

In Kokolata, parish is the church of Agia Paraskevi, a beautiful Orthodox church. Near the village, have been excavated tombs of Helladic period, from which emerged utensils of the era. Today, the discoveries of tombs Kokolata are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli.



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