The beach Koutsoupia is located in the eastern part of Kefalonia, along the shoreline of Sami to Poros. It has white sand and small pebbles, is wide beach with turquoise, deep, clear waters. It is surrounded by evergreen trees that reach the pebbles, mainly oaks and cypresses, and koutsoupies, as is evidenced by its name.

In Koutsoupia, you can be reach by sea, if have vessel, since is located at a short distance from Sami and Antisamos. The boats start from Skala and Poros realized day trips to the beauty of Kefalonia and the surrounding islands usually stop at Koutsoupia for diving and swimming. You can still get here by foot, the route Antisamos – Poros, which is considered a very important distance, but it is considered by the relatively easy and in any case, extremely pleasant paths of Kefalonia.

Often, the mountaineering club of Kefalonia organizes trips to Koutsoupia, while members and friends do not fail to visit it to clean it by the winter remains. It is preferred even by visitors, who indulge in snorkeling, as the rocky seabed favors it.

Koutsoupia at a glance:

• Without access

• Hiking

• Sand and fine pebble

• Deep Waters

• No natural shade most of the time.



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