In Kefalonia, there is a settlement called Ntomata (and hundreds in ‘is – ata “), but there is also Kremmydi! Kremmydi is a village located in the southeastern part of the island, in the former municipality Elios – Proni, as it was applicable on Kapodistrian division of administration in Greece. It has about 60 permanent residents and is situated at an altitude of 280 meters above sea level.

The area that is built Kremmydi and the neighboring village called Pastra, is called also Mpalta or Valtes, which means place of many waters, of many springs and creeks that one sees there. Pastra was the capital of the municipality Elios – Proni until 2010 that has been repealed and integrated into the single municipality of Kefalonia. After Kremmydi, is situated Markopoulo, where there is the monastery of Panagia Fidoussa.

Kremmydi, formerly called Kremmydion, in an ancient way, apart from the many people with the last name “Kremmydas” is known for its art exhibition held there every year. It is open to the public and includes every time different projects, from different art forms. The “soul” of the event is Fotis Kremmydas, an enthusiastic art lover.

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