Pastra of Kefalonia is a village in the southeast of the island, which was the capital of the municipality Elios – Proni, until 2010, when all municipalities of Kefalonia had been integrated into a single. Pastra is located 6 km south of the port of Poros, 25 kilometers from Argostoli.

In Pastra, there is one of the miraculous icons of Our Lady in Kefalonia. It is Panagia Gravaliotissa or “the Lady with Lilies”. Each year, in the Annunciation, the residents put forward the icon, found in 1720, lilies having planted in the courtyard. They leave them there till the celebration of the church, in August, but already the eve, the dry lies by long weather have bloomed again! On that day, on 14th of August takes place a big festival in Pastra.

The village is situated at the foot of Enos and the image of the high mountain dominates in the landscape. The name Pastra arises from Pastra family, who were the first to settle here and now is the majority among the approximately 170 permanent residents. From Pastra, you will visit also, Kremmydi, with the odd name for the village, but also the touristic Skala, with its beautiful beach, which is just 5 km.



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